Revolutionizing Payments Infrastructure across Africa

Splice enables financial institutions to make cross-border payments in Africa for their customers.


Here's how Splice integrates into your workflow or product.

Simplified Integration, Comprehensive Documentation

Jump right into development with our clear, thorough documentation and straightforward API endpoints.

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Fully customize the end user experience

Splice’s API molds perfectly to your digital environment, whether it’s a website, app, or custom platform.

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Total Control With Your Splice Dashboard

Gain complete oversight of all transactions in one intuitive dashboard. Monitor real-time activity, track liquidity, and analyze trends to make informed decisions

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Crafted by engineers, for engineers

At Splice, we're passionate about building the robust tools we've always wanted—tools that seamlessly integrate, perform flawlessly, and enhance your workflow.

Testing Sandbox

Test drive Splice’s capabilities with zero risk. Our sandbox environment lets you simulate transactions, explore API functionalities, and fine-tune integrations safely before going live. Innovate with complete peace of mind.

Simple Webhooks

Stay in-sync with real-time notifications. Splice’s webhooks deliver instant alerts for key events, so you can react immediately to transactions, status changes, and more. Automate processes and enhance efficiency with little effort.

Dedicated Support

Experience unmatched support with Splice. Our dedicated team is here to assist you at every step, ensuring smooth integration and operation. From setup to troubleshooting, count on us to provide expert help quickly and efficiently

Ready to start integrating?

Explore our comprehensive API documentation or reach out directly to our support team to get all the help you need. Start building seamless cross-border payment solutions today!